Planning for a Not-so-Lazy 2017

2016 had some real highlights and memories that I cherish deeply. However, 2016 was the year where I felt the most out of control of time. The months passed me by with barely noticing they even happened. I had made a list of personal goals for the year and I think I barely even checked off one.

I started a traditional office job this year and spending so much time sitting in one place and staring at the same screen everyday makes time move both incredibly slow and way too fast. I felt like days dragged on but before I knew it, another month passed by. I am determined to not feel like this next year. I literally hate cliches, but I do want to be more present. I think part of the issue was that I was pursuing very few personal goals or passions. I want to write more and work on this blog but I put little time and effort into it. I also spent very little time trying to make myself a healthier person, but rather, went the opposite way. I have accomplished little that could identify the passage of time; to be able sit back and reflect on where I started and now where I am.

I would like this year to be different. I want to put more effort into the personal goals and passions that make me feel alive and that make me feel like I am doing more than clicking my life away behind the same desk. I need this to get through the humdrum of office life. 

Here are a few areas of my life that I want to improve on as I move forward in 2017 (it's already the end of February??)

Write / Read
I think it is pretty well known that the more you read, the better you will write. I realized I am pretty drawn to non-fiction, especially the type of non-fiction where the author just discusses their life and tells the reader about the experiences that have defined them. I think that is why I am drawn to blogs as you’re getting a glimpse into people’s everyday lives and learning from their experiences. I also love to read about others’ humorous ways of viewing life’s daily tasks and mishaps. I feel like I need to find my voice in nonfiction and really work on writing more.

I want to continue to learn how to cook new things as well as attempt classic dishes that I have never made before. I already made a list some of those dishes I hope to make. On top of learning to cook new recipes, I would like to practice cooking without needing to constantly reference a recipe.

Health and Fitness
AH! I have not exercised or really cared about my health in over a year. This year, I already joined a gym and signed up for 24 sessions of personal training. At the point of writing this, I have completed about 12 of these sessions. I’ll write a separate post on my experience with personal training.

Another area that I have let fall to the wayside for the last couple of years is my relationship with God. I am a Christian and my faith, in theory, is the most important thing in my life. Unfortunately, my daily life and actions do not reflect this. Coming up with a plan to make God a higher priority and including Him in my daily activities will be essential to having a successful year.

Building friendships as an adult is hard. I know I need to make greater efforts to build (and maintain)  friendships and meet new people.

Planning and Productivity
I have not found a planning system that truly works for me yet. I have always wanted to be a paper planner person and love washi tape, stickers, and memory keeping. However, my own laziness tends to prevent me from doing things I also enjoy, which, as I think these words, has probably prevented me from being successful at any of these goals. I’d like to make an honest effort to utilize my Midori Traveler’s Notebook and use all the lovely planning supplies I have acquired over the years.

Finding motivation and combating my own laziness will always be my life’s greatest battle. I will by default fall to the couch and allow spend all my time with Netflix. Pursuing these goals and hobbies and making this year into something meaningful will be quite the challenge. But, I know I am tired of feeling unsatisfied and I’m especially tired of being lazy.

37 Percent, A Gym Story

Zach and I decided to join a gym this month. I know, a classic tail of a January joiner with lofty goals of losing some chub. I had never belonged to a gym before other than the ones available in college and felt a little overwhelmed as we stepped into the warehouse-like space, filled to the brim with sweaty people on big machines.

The toned and fit guy behind the desk helped us set up our accounts and gave us a tour of the gym. He was very enthusiastic and excited about all this gym had to offer and how it could make our fitness dreams a reality.

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