Starting Somewhere

Hello, I’m Shannon!

I thought I would kick-off the launch of my blog with writing a little bit about myself and why I chose to start a blog.

I am a 25 year old woman living in California’s north Bay Area. I am a professional city planner, specializing in transportation, and currently work at a private consulting firm in Santa Rosa.

I have always enjoyed writing and using a blog as a creative outlet. I have attempted blogging two other times in the past but ended up quitting after a few months because I felt like I was trying to fit into a blogging ‘niche’ rather than just being myself and writing about what I wanted.

The idea of starting a blog again arose after a few months of working a traditional office job.  Working an office job day to day can be mentally challenging. Of course there are days where I get to be a part of something really interesting and innovative, but day to day, writing reports and doing the run-of-the-mill work can make every day feel the same which is disheartening. After a few months of working full time, I started to feel antsy. I felt like I needed a project or some kind of creative outlet to balance out some of the unavoidable monotony of office life.

I decided to turn to blogging and running a website. Blogging is open ended so I know I can use this space however I wish. I am not a painter, I can’t draw, and am not particularly good with hands-on creativity, but I feel the desire to be creative and I think writing and running a website may be the answer. I read a lot of different blogs and have been inspired by what others have been able to do and create through their blogs.

I also hope to learn how to run a website on the back-end and technical side, take better photos (and more than just quick iphone snaps!), become more active on social media through my Life & Lava name, work on my writing, and become more active in conversations on other people's’ blogs. I know I have a lot to learn but I am looking forward to starting and learning something new.

I am still visioning for what this blog may be. I don’t want to try and fit into a niche of being any type of blogger because my interests vary and I don’t want this to feel like a job. I know it is sometimes frowned upon to blog about multiple subjects but I’m not willing to commit yet to one theme or topic. That may change in the future as I let the blog grow and develop or as I change. For now, it will probably be multi-subject and I am looking forward to entering into it with that freedom. This blog may cover topics such as Christianity and faith, women’s issues, social justice, and city planning.  As well as posts about food, cooking, books, movies, fashion, and beauty. I am also going to use my site as a place of accountability for my personal goals, dreams, and plans. There will also be a degree of memory keeping/journaling and delving into personal challenges or bad habits I’m trying to fix. While this blog is going to be very personal to me, my interests, and life, I hope to be able to develop some compelling content that contributes something new to different subjects or is relatable to others’ joys and struggles.

Now, the name of the blog. I brainstormed multiple names to try and come up with something catchy but personal and true to my life. My boyfriend, Zach, and I went over several different names and landed on “Lava Life.” Unfortunately, was already taken by a dating website! He thought of “life and lava” instead and we both loved it. “Lava” comes from nicknames and inside jokes between Zach and I which makes it so sweet and meaningful to both of us. Since this blog won’t be about any one particular subject, picking a name that is so broad and unassuming felt like the perfect fit.

Thanks for joining me.

With Lava,